ArtyLove. Paintings and drawings by Leanne Riley.

I am based in Liverpool, although my work has been delivered as far as the Northeast and down to the Southwest. I mainly create abstract acrylic paintings, however I enjoy experimenting with various mediums and playing around with what can be created. I have found collage a great loosening up exercise, to try new textures and composition. I have discovered a love for ink and water and like to draw people and nature. I love the way the ink bleeds, creating depth and tone. With my acrylic paintings, I favour a seascape or sky setting and I like using the texture of the material I’m painting on as part of the piece. I am currently using logs to paint on… logs meant for our fire! But the texture and shape gives each piece a unique look.

One place my paintings are particularly suited for is in therapy/counselling spaces. They are calming and add gentle colour to the environment. You can take a look on the paintings section of this website, but do get in touch using the contact page if you’ve got something in mind for your space.

‘Hope in the Storm’. Commission piece for LPCC

You can also follow my work on Instagram, I always love connecting with people who create or simply love art!


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